I was angry.
but its fixed.
lightroom that is.

this is the end.


The Logans

so this post, I want to brag about how awesome my host family is.
I lived with them for 2 months!! 2! And they still put up with me!!
This family is the most hospitable family I've ever met, and I have come to see them as my second family! They're a beautiful family too! Tomorrow I have to say goodbye, and start my next venture in life. I will miss them dearly!

this is the end.


after two months, I finally got courage to venture into downtown for lunch.
mellow mushroom.
I'm so predictable.
pretending to be healthy, chicken caesar salad.

this is the end.
today is the second to last day of work.
I am stoked.

this is the end.


went hiking today to see triple falls.

this is the end.


updated my header, yay!

only 5 more work days at the office, and one in the field.
super pumped about having three weeks of summer.

I have to start buying textbooks...
I forgot about those...

did I mention I can't wait to go home?

also, I wish I could make videos like this: tiger in a jar
maybe on my summer break I'll give it a try.

made a bracelet, tutorial here.

this is the end.